Entry #1

Current Situation

2017-09-13 20:12:19 by tezman58

Well school is back in session, nothing to be happy about or anything (except it's my last year of school, yay!)  I'm still gonna be on newgrounds almost daily so that won't change, if you have anything you want me to check out just shoot me a message or something and if I find it cool I'll share it with people.

I'm gonna be taking drivers training soon I got the money for that now so that's pretty nice, gotta admit I'm kinda nervous about driving. Mostly because of other people on the road I can't control, I can control how I drive and get better overtime but like I said it's mainly other people I'm worried about. Accidents don't happen that often (the crazy dangerous ones atleast) so I try not to worry and think about the bad stuff that could happen. Well that's all I have to share with anyone that reads for now,

I'll start to more rate entries on here more often. Gonna go watch Boruto : Naruto Next Generations now, see ya!


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